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Clients Database Module  

Field Options

Field options name are case sensitive, but the values are mostly case insensitive.  Most options are enabled by assigning either the value 'y', 'yes', 'true' or 1 without the quotes, Blank is equivalent to disabling the option.

  • FIELDMAIN - the main field, mostly paired with FIELDREF
  • FIELDREF - the reference field, mostly paired with FIELDMAIN
  • job - job definition to flow upon successful operation
  • preset_key - set to indicate that the field is a preset primary key
  • readonly - set the field as read-only
  • ref_field - reference field, used to check the value during validation
  • required - field needs to have a value
  • unique - field value needs to be unique from the database (currently working on EMAIL type field)
  • match_field - field name that will be used to check the value if the 2 fields have matching content, used for retyping a field value to prevent typographical errors.
  • default_value - the default value if the field would become null or blank