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What is VIOXYS?

VIOXYS (pronounced as VOXS) short for Virtual Box System, is a modular Content Management System developed and maintained by Box Planet headed by Yaten Kou as Chief System Architect.

VIOXYS does not claim to be the best CMS in the world, it was created because none of the existing CMS fits the requirements of the Architect in order to support their clients.  VIOXYS is therefore created at  the specifications that the Architect desires.

VIOXYS started as a small CMS project for clients that the Architect handles.  Yaten, being an IT Consultant, handles many clients and most of these clients requires a website that is easily maintained by non-technical staff.  These clients had their needs evolved the VIOXYS over time.  Although clients have different needs, most of the features have become useful for majority of the clients.  These requirements became  the basis of evolution of VIOXYS.



There are more than a dozen CMS programs available on the internet, you will just need to find what best fits your needs.  Try VIOXYS if it works for you, if not, kindly drops us some feedback so that we may be able to cater your needs.

For your convenience, we provide you a link to the  list of CMS programs that now exist.  If you don't have time to deal with this, tell us what you need and we will help you.