Basic Operations
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Basic Operations  

Activating your own CMS website.

After your account has been activated (see Registration), you may now login to your account. Upon login, you will see that the login form has changed:

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Click on the Member Page, you will be sent to a page containing list of links or navigations at the left and summary of your account at the right.  The left part are the available features for your account which depends on your access level and the modules that are currently installed.  Locate the link named.

Click on the CMS Hosting Management, your view will jump at the portion of the page containing the list of features under CMS Hosting Management group. You will see the link Site Activation, click on this to view the activation form.

At the activation form, first question is to select a main domain where you want your sub-domain will be created.  As of this writing, we only have '' on the list of selection. 

Next, type in the sub-domain name that you wish to create. Example, if you want as your website url, type jeane on the space provided.

Just follow the instructions for the rest of the fields, these are mostly informational only.  Click the Activate button when done.

Your website will be created almost instantly, just try to browse the url you selected during the activation until you see the pre-configured website to appear.